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Lip enhancement treatments and dermal fillers are a popular non-surgical treatment often used to boost shape and volume of the lips by injecting filler into the lips. As the effects of ageing become pronounced, lip volume often reduces, leaving a thinner and flatter appearance. Wrinkles and fine lines can also often appear, leading to less defined borders, a less smooth look and creating an overall aged appearance. Lip enhancement treatments can provide an effective non-surgical solution to reverse the appearance of these changes.


Lip filler treatment is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. It helps increase volume in your lips via the injection of a lip filler. JUVÉDERM® or RESTYLANE® are both popular treatments to boost shape and volume of the lip.

Both JUVÉDERM® and RESTYLANE® are FDA approved products with a wide variety of uses in aesthetic procudures. They are both non-animal based and made with hyaluronic acid rather than collagen to plump up the skin. Since the hyaluronic acid these products is created by biosynthesis in a laboratory, patients are not required to take an allergy test before receiving treatment.


What are Lip Fillers?

Whether you already have full lips and simply want to enhance them further, or have thin lips and have always longed for a full, perfect pout, Lip Fillers could be the treatment to suit you.


Ideal for:

  • Erasing smokers lines

  • Creating definition to the cupids bow and lip border

  • Giving natural, long-lasting volume to the lips.